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News archive - 2013

As we move towards our aim of reuniting our fleet of wherries, we'll have lots of news to share - and you'll find it first here. Newer stories can be found towards the top of the page.

November 2013 - Hathor's restoration continues

Restoration underway

More photos from John Parker, showing hull work underway, have been added to our gallery - see individual captions for information. In the current Gaff Line newsletter, sent to our Friends, you can find the first of many articles from Peter Bower about the restoration process.

In that newsletter you'll also see an article about a model of Hathor, by Brian Lockwood - it has its own gallery including a video. We hope you enjoy a taste of Hathor sailing again, in miniature, while the full size version is worked on!

October 2013 - Hathor's restoration begins

Hathor on the slipway

Our friend John Parker is once again recording our restoration work for posterity - this time it's Hathor. She was hauled out in late October and now resides under cover on our slipway. The replaced slipway was a key improvement brought in during the restoration of the wherry base - we knew we would never get Hathor safely out on the old one, but the firm foundations, roller track and concrete surrounds now make for an excellent, and most importantly strong, working area. John has provided us with a video, hosted here on YouTube, and a set of photos which we've used to start a gallery for Hathor's Restoration. Our thanks to John, and we look forward to more updates.

September 2013 - Raffle news

Raffle tickets

Having successfully sold 500 tickets in our raffle, a winner was drawn at our Annual Friends Meeting on 28th September at the King's Head, Wroxham. Number 310, held by Mr Hodson of Ilfracombe, Devon, was the winning ticket and we look forward to welcoming Mr Hodson and his party next year. Entries for the next draw are now on sale, but please be aware that it will not be drawn until 2014. The charter prize will therefore be available in the 2014 and/or 2015 seasons depending on the draw date.

If you missed the previous announcement, the details of the draw are as follows. Strictly limited to 500 tickets, it offers one winner the prize of a day charter for up to 12 passengers. With the cap on ticket numbers, the odds are fantastic with each £1 stake offering a 1 in 500 chance of winning - so buy £5 worth and it's 1 in 100, or £10 to take it to 1 in 50! Simply contact the Friends to enter, or buy a ticket from us at any event or on a sailing.

August and September - events roundup

Olive on Malthouse Broad

Over August and September we visited How Hill, Hoveton, and the Museum of the Broads at Stalham. Many of our volunteers being on a well-earned break now, we're a little short of full reports, but will bring more details when we are able! Our thanks to them, as well as those who visited, viewed, sailed, bought and donated on our various outings. We've had a lovely influx of new Friends too!

August 2013 - St Benet's service and Olive's blessing

Bishop Graham blesses Olive

We were delighted to once again convey Bishop Graham, a patron of WYC, and his party to the annual St Benet's Abbey service. They and the other passengers on our sold-out sailing enjoyed a peaceful return trip from Ranworth and a delicious afternoon tea on board rounded off the day. Before the sailing, the Bishop gave a blessing to Olive after being unable to attend our relaunch event (picture, left, courtesy of John Parker).

July 2013 - Olive's return

Olive on Malthouse Broad

Three wherry yachts moored on Malthouse Broad

An absolutely glorious day greeted us on Sunday 7th July, hot and sunny with a gentle breeze. Olive, Norada and White Moth were gathered at Ranworth, having sailed there the previous day in the first 3-wherry yacht convoy for many years - skipper Peter Bower reckoned 80! A few words were said by John Ash (Chairman of Trustees for WYC) and Louis Baugh of the Norfolk Coast and Broads Leader Project (that part of the RDPE which gave us the majority of Olive's restoration funding), and a plaque presented, before all three wherry yachts (plus welcome guest Maud) sailed on the broad in front of a happy crowd. Following a VIP lunch on board, the three boats offered short sailings and time on view at the staithe. The EDP featured a good writeup of the event. A very successful day from all viewpoints, it was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Many who were there agreed that it would be good to aim for a similar day next year!

Several photos of the three sisters were taken, in beautiful evening light after their Saturday arrival by skipper Dawn Atter, and during the Sunday event by Friends chairman Katy Walters. They can be seen in this gallery. Also present on Sunday was John Parker of Big Sky Productions, who created the DVD of Hathor's farewell tour in 2009 - he is working on a DVD of Olive's restoration, and has kindly allowed us a taster video featuring footage from Sunday. Find it here on YouTube.

June 2013 - Raffle announced

Raffle tickets

We are very excited to announce a new raffle for 2013. Strictly limited to 500 tickets, it offers one winner the prize of a day charter for up to 12 passengers, to be taken in the 2014 sailing season. With the cap on ticket numbers, the odds are fantastic with each £1 stake offering a 1 in 500 chance of winning - so buy £5 worth and it's 1 in 100, or £10 to take it to 1 in 50! Simply contact the Friends to enter, or buy a ticket from us at any event or on a sailing.

June 2013 - Ale Trail launch

Woodforde's 2013 Ale Trail

We were delighted to host a party from our friends at Woodforde's, who launched their 2013 Ale Trail and their new brew Bure Gold aboard Norada on Salhouse Broad. Local TV channel Mustard was on hand to capture the day, and you can see the video on this Eastern Daily Press story. In the video, Peter Bower takes the helm of Norada and John Ash and Dean Howard are the crew.

May 2013 - New keel for White Moth

White Moth's old keel

Our friend John Parker, of Big Sky Productions, is a talented videographer and has been capturing the ongoing work at our wherry base. We'll bring you news of his videos once they are edited and polished, but for now, here is a fascinating piece he wrote about replacing White Moth's keel, with several instructive photographs. She was the last remaining wherry without a steel keel, but this was remedied in the spring of this year to bring her up to modern standards. Read all about it on John's blog post.

May 2013 - Sailing and events roundup

Green Boat and Tourism Show

Our activities for the year started in earnest with a mini tour in May. Part of the Broads Outdoors Festival, we travelled to Norfolk Wildlife Trust's Go Wild At Barton event, where we offered short sailings, spent some time in residence at How Hill (including our cheese and wine event, below), and then returned to base via the Green Boat and Tourism Show at Salhouse Broad (left). Our sailings were generally fully booked, and we hope all our passengers enjoyed their time with us.

Despite the rain that seemed to be set in place for all of May, more than 70 people enjoyed a wonderful cheese and wine evening at How Hill Farm on the 17th. The thatched barn was a fantastic venue, and while Peter and Sam did brave the rain to make the walk up from the Staithe, understandably very few people put on their wellies to pop down to see Norada. It was a lovely evening with great sales on the book stall as well as our ever popular raffle. Thanks to Pauline for her efforts in putting together such a lovely event.

For older news, please visit the 2010, 2011 and 2012 news archives.


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