Wherry Yacht Charter
Caring for the Broads' last wherry fleet

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Hathor moored, black and white

A lasting legacy.
Many people like to remember things dear to them in their will; Wherry Yacht Charter has created many such memories and we would like to give our supporters the opportunity to help ensure our wherries' future in this way.

Leaving Wherry Yacht Charter a legacy

When you are making arrangements for your estate and feel you’d like to leave something to Wherry Yacht Charter Charitable Trust, it is a simple process to follow. Please make contact with the Chairman and let us know your intentions, then use the guide below to assist in instructing your executors. We suggest using one of the following three options:

  • In Memoriam gifts, in lieu of flowers at your funeral or memorial service
  • A fixed sum legacy
  • Part or all of your estate

Please download our Legacies document for more detail including suggested wording. Naturally, we encourage you to consult a legal professional in drawing up your Will.

Wherry Yacht Charter is a registered charity (as Wherry Yacht Charter Charitable Trust), number 1096073

WYC is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, RDPE, Geoffrey Watling Trust, Town Close Estate Charity and others.

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